Beautiful Family Photo Session Locations | Reno, Nevada

The number one question I get asked every time I am scheduling a photography session is, "Where do you think we should do the photo shoot?". This question is usually followed up with thoughts such as "I would like somewhere really pretty" or "I would like beautiful colors in the location". This is even more so true in the fall when everybody is looking for those gorgeous fall colors in their family photos. I have gathered photos from my favorite locations to have sessions at in the Reno area for you.

The first location I love, and my favorite place to have sessions of any kind, is Callahan Ranch Park in South Reno. Callahan is located off of Mount Rose Highway, just west of Raley's Supermarket and Galena High School. It is a gorgeous park, with gorgeous light! Just check out this beautiful photo of one of my favorite families to photograph....


Callahan is known for its variety of backdrops - from the gorgeous Galena Forest, to open fields, to a nice grassy area with beautiful backgrounds. Here are a few more of various areas around the park.

Another location I love, which is very popular due to it's blooming beauty in the spring/summer and gorgeous fall colors in the fall, is Rancho San Rafael. It is beautiful with SO many different looks and locations throughout the large park. This picture was taken beyond the bridge in an open area surrounded by trees and gorgeous light drifting in.


In the Spring, Rancho has beautiful blooms and colors all around. I was able to place this gorgeous family in front of some blooming flowers with beautiful colors.


In addition to these two stunning locations, Rancho offers a ranch area, many dirt paths surrounded by beautiful trees and colors and gorgeous backdrops all around.

Another location I just discovered last fall is the captivating Dangberg Ranch in south of Minden. This location is beyond gorgeous - with the beautiful mountains in the distance and big, magnificent trees all around. There are beautiful buildings and rustic farm equipment on the property as well, which provide for a lot of variety throughout your session. 

Another favorite of mine is Crystal Peak Park in Verdi. This park is known for its Nevada charm. It is full of wide open fields of beauty and light. One cool aspect of this park is that it was once home to Verdi Glen Resort, long ago lost in a fire. The old fireplace from the main dinning area still remains and makes for awesome pictures.

The beautiful City of Genoa is also another great location for your family photo session. There is a pretty park located in the middle of this small town, along with so many beautiful buildings and a small church located throughout the town. 

Reno has so many beautiful locations to choose from for your photo session. In addition to these noted, there is also Crissie Caughlin Park in West Reno, Wilson Commons Park in Washoe Valley, Bartley Ranch Park in South Reno, and the amazing campus at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

To be a Princess | Reno Family Photographer

I had the most incredible joy of photographing two princesses during a recent styled children's photo session. These two were truly royalty...... Princesses through and through.

"I am a Princess....."

"I try to be kind. I try to be generous. I am kind even when others are not so generous"

"I believe compassion makes me strong. Kindness is power. And friendship is the tightest bond of all."
"I have heard I am beautiful. I know I am strong."
"I am a princess. Long may I reign"

Photography Stops Time | Reno Family Photographer

Photography stops time. This is not just my motto, it is my belief. It is why I do what I do. Life speeds by us so fast. Our children get old, family members move on, and our friends move away. Each moment is so precious. Each memory, a gift to hold onto. I love what I do so much because I believe in it with my whole heart. And I promise you - I am buying what I am selling!!

 Last year my son announced that he was moving out. At 22 years old, I guess it was due but our family was still not prepared. I knew that I HAD to have family pictures done before my son left. Now, I have to admit, this was very difficult for me to do because I was (and still am) at the heaviest I have ever been. I was trying so hard to put off new family pictures until I "lost the  weight" but quickly realized I had to just suck it up (and in) and do it. With my son leaving, I HAD to have the pictures done. I am so grateful that I did. I love these family pictures with all of my heart. Especially this one of my son and I. 

 Photo by Jennie U Photography

Photo by Jennie U Photography

The last time we had family photos done prior to that was in 2013. At this time I was at my lowest weight and feeling confident and ready for the pics. However, when you look at the two pictures it is apparent that it is my family that puts that huge smile on my face!!!

 Photo by Romel Calledo Photography

Photo by Romel Calledo Photography

I have been having pictures taken of my daughter since she was born. Prior to becoming a photographer, I would have her pictures taken every year. Our little ones change so much from year to year and it was so important to me to remember each stage of her childhood. 

 Photo by Kaylynne Kroshus Photography

Photo by Kaylynne Kroshus Photography

One of my favorite photo sessions of my daughter was when we went to Oregon to visit my mom. I found a local photographer and did a session on the beach!!

 Photo by Sweetharts Photography

Photo by Sweetharts Photography

This was our first family picture session in 2011. I love this picture because to me, it represents family - well, our family :) 

 Photo by Jeramie Lu Photography

Photo by Jeramie Lu Photography

In 2013, my older sister unexpectedly and suddenly passed away. It is a heartbreak like none other and one that has left a gaping hole in my heart. My sister had a daughter who was only two months older than my princess. At the time of my sisters passing, our daughters had never met. Not long after my sister passed, my mom brought her daughter up to visit and meet her cousin for the first time. I KNEW I had to hire a photographer to capture this moment. The picture on the right is one my sister and I had taken for my mom one mother's day years ago. We purposely took a similar picture of the two cousins for my mom during the photo shoot.

This is one of my favorite from that session. This picture is EVERYTHING!! My mommy, my grandma and myself with the two cousins!! 

 Photo by Brin R Photography

Photo by Brin R Photography

Being a photographer is difficult sometimes :) My husband gets all of these photos, these memories, with our daughter that I am in jealous appreciation of. All of these moments, I am so honored and happy that I get to capture for him..... but I want my memories too.

I am so lucky we have so many talented and wonderful photographers in our community. 

 Photo by Jennie U Photography

Photo by Jennie U Photography

Okay, one more. Thank you for sticking with me!! This photo below was a little hard to capture myself but I knew I had to. Time is fleeting, tomorrow is never guaranteed. This woman - she is my hero, my role model. I love her with all of my heart and I knew I had to have at least one good picture of her and I together to hold onto forever!! I am so grateful for each and every day that I get to talk to her and visit with her and have her in my life. I am so truly blessed! 

 Photo by CariAnne Photography

Photo by CariAnne Photography

Raw Originals Art

I had the honor of being asked to take photographs of this local artist's work. Raw Originals Art's primary seller are one-of-a-kind metal American flags. Each flag is unique and custom made. He also makes other amazing metal art pieces. Each piece is unique, colorful and beautiful! This artist is incredibly talented! I hope you will check out his work at


Bailey | Damonte Ranch High School | Reno Senior Portrait Photographer

Introducing Bailey!!! Bailey is graduating from Damonte Ranch High School in the spring. I have had the honor of knowing Bailey since he was just a kid and it has been so awesome to watch him grow into the amazing young man that he has become!! When he is not working on Mustangs with his dad, Bailey is working hard, hanging out with his friends and going to school. He is such an awesome young man and I cannot WAIT to see what he is going to accomplish after graduation! Watch out world, Bailey is coming for you!! 


For Bailey's photo shoot we decided to encompass all that is his hometown. We shot a little in downtown Reno and a little in the beautiful forest areas of Callahan Ranch Park. Of course, we had to get some photos around the campus of Damonte also :)  


Welcome Baby "B" | Reno Newborn Photographer

Welcome baby Brecken! This adorable baby boy made me swoon. He is just the sweetest little thing ever! He was super alert during most of our session which means I got lots of time to enjoy his captivating personality. We finally got him to take a little nap and got some awesome pictures. Congratulations Molly and Bobby on your beautiful baby boy! 


Jessica | University of Nevada, Reno | Reno Senior Portraits

Introducing Jessica!! Jessica will be graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno in the spring. She wanted to do fall and spring college senior portraits. The University campus is so beautiful in the fall so we decided to do her fall pictures on campus. She brought along her  boyfriend and adorable puppy. We lucked out with some beautiful weather and enjoyed exploring the campus for some fun locations. Jessica is going to do some amazing things when she graduates next spring and starts her next adventure teaching. Congratulations Jessica!! 


Halloween Mini Sessions | Reno Family Photographer

It's time to book your spot for our Halloween Mini Sessions.....


Reserve your spot today for our 2017 Halloween Mini Sessions. This is a chance for you to capture your little ones in their Halloween costumes. Price is $30 and includes a 15 minute session with 5 edited, high-resolution digital images on a flash drive with print release. 


Contact us today to reserve your spot!

MOPS Mini Sessions - Day 3

The MOPS mini sessions were so much fun, we added one extra day for make-ups. For me, this meant meeting three more awesome families!! There was more incredibly adorable kids, a impromptu maternity shoot and some amazing hair (yes, I had some hair envy when it came to this beautiful young lady). 


MOPS Mini Sessions - Day 2

Day 2 of the mini sessions was just as amazing as the first day. Eight new, awesome families!! I got to meet and work with some more wonderful people, include three adorable boys (the "Z's") who were killing me with Knock-knock jokes :) 


MOPS Mini Sessions - Day 1

I was so honored to have been able to participate in the MOPS fundraiser this year!! 17 families over three days!! My husband and I were so happy to be a part of this and to have gotten to meet so many wonderful, amazing, sweet families!! With kids from just a couple weeks old to adult children, and everything in between. Day one started with some adorable kids and included some beautiful families, a special announcement, an adorable mommy and me LulaRoe set, a wonderfully fun extended family shoot, and the cutest little boy ever!! 


Maddie's a senior

I was so honored and excited to shoot Maddie's Class of 2017 Senior Portrait Session. Maddie is such an amazing young lady!!!  She is smart, beautiful and kind! I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes as she moves forward and attends school in Washington this fall :) Congratulations Maddie!!! 


Savannah is a senior!!

I had such a fun time with Savannah during her Class of 2017 Senior Photo Session. Savannah is such a fun and sweet girl! She is a free spirit with a heart of gold. I cannot wait to see what the future brings for Savannah!! 


Reno Family Photographer - My Watermark

So why a Plumeria?? It is simple :) It is my favorite flower because the five petals each represent something important to me; Faith, Sincerity, Aspiration, Devotion and Surrender. These five qualities are what make a person beautiful in my eyes! And that is what I do - capture the beauty in people, in families, in children, in couples, in motherhood and in nature. There is beauty and there are special moments all around us every day. It is my passion to capture this beauty and these special moments for you.